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We founded SilkChart to empower all companies, regardless of size, to have access to the world’s best sales coaching and sales expertise. Our team has worked at big and small companies, and saw first hand how powerful sales teams can be in accelerating company growth.

However, the training and support sales teams need to succeed is limited - not much is written about modern best practices for fast growing SaaS companies, and most reps are too busy talking to prospects to study what does exist. Furthermore, sales leaders are stretched thinly across many reps, and don’t have enough time to sit on as many calls to provide as much feedback as they’d like. Finally, traditional sales coaches can be expensive, and slow to drive impact across large teams.

We teamed up to build the first AI-powered sales coach solution designed specifically for your sales playbook. We're excited about a future in which supercharging sales team performance will be as easy as using spell check to improve an e-mail before sending it out!

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Our Vision is to Empower all Sales Reps to have access to the World’s Best Sales Coaching

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