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SilkChart analyzes sales calls and provides feedback on how to win more deals. Built with SaaS teams in mind.

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Personalized sales
coaching for every call

Get AI-powered sales coaching on each call, including suggestions for how to identify a prospect's underlying needs and personalize your solution to meet these.

Personalised Sales coaching for every call
Execute according to your Sales Playbook

Execute according to your Sales Playbook

SilkChart analyzes each call based on company specific objectives and key selling points. Just give us your playbook and we’ll tell you how well your team’s executing on it.

                    Sales leaders can review calls 10x faster

SilkChart gives leaders X-ray vision across calls, so that they can quickly assess what was discussed, deal health, and where to step in.

Sales leaders can review calls 10x faster
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Deal health based on Leading Indicators

SilkChart analyzes each call and surfaces signals of poor deal health, so that teams can identify risk early.

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Built specificaly for
B2B SaaS teams

The first call analysis tool to measure performance and provide benchmarks specific to SaaS sales teams.

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SilkChart works in the background, automatically processing calls without any input from reps. Set it up in 5 mins and get back to talking to users.

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