Why is SilkChart the Right Tool for You?

SilkChart makes it easy to acquire more of the most valuable consumers

Connect product and campaign data to find growth opportunities

Connect marketing performance to product analytics in a few clicks to attribute user growth to specific channels and campaigns

Automatically surface biggest drivers of revenue and retention

SilkChart's AI recommends actions that will improve top of funnel conversions, in human language

Apply product data to marketing tools without code

SilkChart provides a no-code solution for building custom audiences and sending them to ad platforms and CRMs for lookalike audiences, retargeting, and lifecycle marketing.

Our Vision is to Empower Companies of All Sizes to Turn Growth on Auto-Pilot

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Use Cases

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Identify opportunities
Reduce media spend
Increase conversion rates and ROAS
Demonstrate ROI of marketing efforts
Connecting ad spend with first party product usage data
Identify opportunities
Acquire more of the most valuable users
Identifying which acquisition channels and product features bring in users who derive the most value from the product
Identify opportunities

Increase conversions while reducing ad spend

We uncovers which channels, copy, media content bring in users who convert and come back, so you can shift investment to highest ROI channels while reducing overall spend.

Unlock the power of your engagement data

Automatically apply insights about what users do in your product to the paid ads, e-mails, and landing pages you use to reach them.

Stop relying
on engineers

SilkChart has pre-built integrations to track users across platforms. No more endlessly waiting for scarce data and engineering resources.

Turn Creative Insights into Growth

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