Why is SilkChart the Right Tool for You?

SilkChart makes sales coaching available to your entire team, helping them have better conversations with clients and win more deals.

Actionable feedback for each call

SilkChart uses machine learning models trained by thousands of sales calls and top sales coaches to provide tactical guidance for how to run more effective discovery, demo, and closing calls.

Track the metrics that drive performance

SilkChart measures the metrics that most correlate with closing. It tells each rep which ones to focus on to convert more prospects into clients.

Understand insights across  calls, without reviewing your notes

SilkChart summarizes topics and questions that come up across calls. It enables reps to spend less time reviewing notes - and be better prepared for future sales conversations.

Our Vision is to Empower all sales reps to have access to the World’s Best Sales Coaching

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Use Cases

X-Ray vision across your calls, so that you can quickly identify which deals are at risk, and where to step in. 10x faster than listening to calls or reviewing tanscripts. SilikChart measures:
Quality of discovery - depth of needs identified
Degree to which demo is personalized to client goals
Performance relative to Sales Playbook
Stop waiting for sales managers to join calls, or paying for expensive coaches. SilkChart is the first AI-platform focused specifically on the needs of B2B SaaS reps.
AI - powered sales coaching for every call
Track performance and progress on key metrics
Improve conversion rates across sales calls

Deal health based on Leading Indicators

SilkChart analyzes each call and surfaces signals of poor deal health, so that teams can identify risk early.

Built specificaly for
B2B SaaS sales teams

The first call analysis tool to measure performance and provide benchmarks specific to SaaS teams.

No process change

SilkChart works in the background, automatically processing calls without any input from reps. Set it up in 5 mins and get back to talking to users.

Up your sales game

Start improving your sales calls and winning more deals

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